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Mobile App Development

Mobile Applications

Social Apps

Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat and so on.
The essence of these applications is to connect people with similar interests or characteristics to create dialogue, share information about different topics, create collaborations between people and groups and more.

Place-based apps

Apps whose behavior is based on user location – whether it’s within a structure or outside of it.
The app can move the user to action following location recognition.
WAZE is of course a location-based application (and a social app), another location-based app is ACCUWEATHER, for example.

Business apps

Under this category, every application that a business may want to have for its internal management or communication between it and its customers.
For example, a courier business may want to create an app that identifies the nearest available messenger to pick up a new shipment (a combination of a business app with a location-based app).

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Dream BIG!

We can make it happen for you!

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